Reaping the Seeds that We Sow…

Years ago I met Lou Reed, at an event in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock, where I live. He wasn’t very friendly, and although the crowd at the event after the concert welcomed him, he actually didn’t want to know…not really..and he died not too long afterwards.

It got me thinking about his song ‘Perfect Day’ – Brian Hogan from Kíla sings a mean version. But it got me to thinking in the music business do we really reap what we sow?

Gardiner Music now works with Kíla, an 8 piece band celebrating their thirtieth year on December 22nd 2018 at The National Stadium. When I started working with them I really felt I did reap what I sowed…a band full of musicians with personalities I admire and who play music I love…

But this phrase ‘Reap what you Sow’ – it can work both ways.  If you are not confident enough or strong enough in how you want to do business in music..then the music business can go against you.

With Gardiner Music, I played the long quiet game and learnt that that expression – ‘Reap what you sow’…is so true. You set the tone for your work in music from the outset and the right people will come and work with you.

I reaped and I sowed, naively initially, so I reaped and I sowed again and I could not be happier in the job that I do.

Go see Kíla – December 22nd, The National Stadium… that’s my job and I love it, Caoimhe xfeile kila facebook (3)

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