Kíla, Raidió na Life and why I love my job!

As most of you know, I have a show on Raidió na Life on a Monday night at 6 ..sometimes weekly sometimes fortnightly…as and when I can make it but it’s a regular thing…

The show is as Gaeilge, but the bands and musicians who come in don’t need to speak Irish…they just need to play and get into the craic of the Irish language and try a cúpla focail…

Raidió na Life were based on Merrion Square until last year…when they moved to Amiens Street…The Amiens street studios include Stiúidió na Life where bands can record, but it’s also now where Gardiner Music records the sessions for the radio show..its cool…

There were two bands who launched the sessions in this studio for my radio show properly…King Bones and Kíla…

Because I manage Kíla, I have recently been asked to write a few words from the band on the new studio. Something I will do with the input of the band…but what I can say is – is áit speisialta é Raidió na Life – it’s a special place!

But this article isn’t just about that, this article is about Ally, my sister in law. A woman who battled cancer for 4 and a half years, and a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, daughter in law and sister in law..

Kíla, the best band in the universe, came in and recorded a session for my show on Raidió na Life on the 29th November 2018. It was a gorgeous session. It was a celebration of 30 years of Kíla . It was in the brand new Stiúidió na Life… I loved the show, I loved the music and I loved the banter…

As they started their last song and my bit was done, I saw my Mum was trying to ring me. Ally had died a few minutes previously.  My parents were about to leave to get on their way to the hospice where Ally and my brother were. Ally was a cool woman. She died during the last song of Kíla’s session. I waited awhile as the session wrapped up and then told the band she had died. They all hugged me.

When I say I love my job, this is why.

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