How to balance personal privacy with social media use when using it for work…


Privacy is always something that’s been important to me. I would describe myself as having a natural shyness but I’m not shy. Put me in a work situation and if I think its beneficial to my job I will network like there’s no tomorrow.

But before I started working in music and using social media for work, I wasn’t on social media too much. I didn’t have a twitter account and Instagram hadn’t been invented so while I had a Facebook account, none of my best friends were on Facebook. We just didn’t interact in that way, we met up, we caught up and we kept that to real life rather than social media life.  But Facebook was a gorgeous way to re-engage with both my primary and secondary school friends and regular meetups began to occur because of it.

But then I began to use social media for work, as a promoter, an agent and a band manager. In that time, I also set up a personal Instagram and Twitter account. The people who know the work I do know what accounts I manage and what bands or musicians I work with. It is also very visible on my profile on my social media accounts.

But that is my work. In terms of my private life while I have my personal accounts, they have lately become less and less used other than for posting articles. Even my personal Instagram account which I loved before I started to have to use social media for work, is less touched and lately had to be made private (for the second time) due to unwanted attention regarding me and my work life.

What’s my point on this? My point is I think is that social media is a tool that can be used to either market yourself or your business effectively. Can it lead to friendships? Yes, it most certainly can. But should care be taken when using social media? Yes, absolutely. I am finding I am using social media less and less for personal use and more and more for work use. It is a wonderful invention, but it can be abused, and care should be taken always with it.

If like me, you are a private person with a natural shyness then I would keep the personal social media use to a minimum but make it and you shine for work projects. In so doing you can take pride in your work and be creative but you yourself are never the point of unwanted and unsought virtual attention.

Just a few thoughts on a Tuesday evening as I prepare to head to Whelans for The Kíla Sessions. 7.30-9.30pm – Free Entry…Its feckin class!

kila sessions facebook (2)

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