Can working in Music cure Chronic Illness?

I probably should re phrase this to whether working in the right job can cure chronic illness?

Heads up I have chronic psoriasis…since I was 11 so without revealing my age on this blog..its a long time. In my teens I spent large amounts of time both as an out patient and in patient in Hume Street hospital. This hospital is now gone although to my delight it has been added to Dublin’s listed buildings (it’s a feckin amazing building). At the time the treatment for psoriasis was a mixture of ointments and Ultra Violet light treatment. The ointments were pretty smelly and revolting but it granted me periods of remission.

As I hit my twenties I headed into a more pure Ultra violet treatment scenario (less ointments) and headed over to sunshiny South America, Australia and South East Asia for a time. I had longish remission periods.

As I headed into my thirties I continued with the UV treatment but this time it was combined with a drug therapy. It worked to a point . I had remission times but eventually they had to stop as the risk with all this UV treatment is skin cancer.

Eventually the doctors resorted to drug therapy in late 2015, and for six months I took drugs every day that my system couldn’t really tolerate and I was constantly nauseous. I came off those drugs after six months and despite an improvement in my skin while I was on the drugs, after I came off them I had psoriasis worse than I had ever had it before. For the first time ever it really effected my life, I was in constant pain and I was despondent.

In 2018 I got skin cancer, a direct side effect of all the treatment I had received for my psoriasis.Luckily it was the good kind but even at that the procedure to remove it had complications and I was sick for 6-8 weeks.  At that point the doctors wanted me to try a form of chemo therapy to cure my psoriasis. Basically they wanted me to take an injection to kill my immune system and in so doing  kill whatever was causing my psoriasis. I would have to accept a risk of infection, pneumonia and tuberculosis. I refused.

Instead I focused on meditation and trying to find a job that suited me.

Since August 2018 I have healed half of my psoriasis. I work in a job I love in music and I try very hard to live a truthful life. I meditate most days. Several people have helped me along this path who I will name in future blog posts.

But to answer my own question, can music cure chronic illness? Maybe it can….

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