The time to accept and the time to reject Narcissism…

Have you ever been really annoyed with your boss, your ex, your friend or your neighbour and thought ‘Man that f*cker is such a narcissist’…??

Ah you probably have..we all have..because that’s because most of us are narcissistic. We live in a society consumed by self-image and that can at times be projected negatively onto others…

So are we all narcissists? I’d say we all have an element of narcissism in us. And at times we label assholes as narcissists…but most of the time they are just assholes (with the same amount of narcissism we all possess).

On the other hand have you ever been really annoyed by somebody who you suspect may have taken this inherent natural inclination towards narcissism just that little bit further? The people who build you up only to tear you down when your purpose no longer serves theirs.

Well if you have that’s a whole different ball game altogether …they are the ones to whom you need to say ‘Nope, I’m cutting all ties with you, I can never see you again, I don’t care how much I liked your friends, I am 100% prepared to lose them if it means no more contact with you’….they are the ones you walk away from and  you don’t look back.

I am posting this blog as a word of warning. I believe the music industry attracts the malevolent, malicious narcissist and while I think the industry is waking up to this and it is a lot less tolerated, it is something to be wary and careful of .

My advice would be, seek out the friends or musicians you believe to be caring, truthful and honest. Pursue your own agenda truthfully. If an opportunity seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you meet somebody who tells you are that you are the most awesome person to ever grace the music industry, tell them to take a hike.

Keep it real, keep it honest and keep the self-image aspirational, inspirational, and beautiful.

Caoimhe xo





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