I’m so WOKE, I’m actually asleep..

Are you WOKE? Am I WOKE? What does that even mean?

I remember booking a singer for a gig because I admired his lyrics. He seemed to be singing about something profound, something worthwhile, his lyrics to me held power so I booked him for a gig. The gig was a charity gig and at the bar afterwards this singer told me that I was WOKE…that I got it. He told me that I got feminism, that I got social justice, that I understood equality, that I, Me, was WOKE. He also made sure to let me know that he was WOKE by the way and for a brief moment, I thought to myself that I don’t like that word WOKE. I shut that voice off and said  to myself,  look it Caoimhe, this guy does like the word WOKE, and seems to be very sure being WOKE is a good thing so for a moment there, I thought cool, I’m WOKE. Yay! As the night progressed and I watched  the WOKE singer  look for his WOKEDNESS from whatever he could score, real or chemical, I realised he had no clue what being WOKE meant.

But  did I understand what  being WOKE meant?

I think I understood what WOKE didn’t mean. It didn’t mean awakened, it didn’t mean compassionate, it didn’t mean feminist, it didn’t mean spiritual, it didn’t mean egalitarian, it didn’t mean supporter of human rights, to be honest it didn’t mean anything.

Being WOKE meant absolutely NOTHING. It may mean – still asleep.

It is a term I hear bandied about so often these days. WOKE is the past tense of the verb ‘wake’.. It would be so great if we all woke up to the injustices around us. It would be so great if we all woke up to the inequalities between our genders, races, classes and countries. It would be so great if we all woke up to the fact that in the present moment, how we treat the person standing in front of us is all that matters.  Do that right and then we can tell people we are WOKE!!

On that note and as a bit of an uplifting end to my blog – I will leave you with Dúisigí (and a little more) from Rónán Ó Snodaigh…Dúisigí means ‘Wake up Y’all’ or maybe ‘Would yiz ever just wake up?’


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