Travelling with the best super group in the universe: Kíla

c9dbd7f6-7adc-431e-98b3-2d063ee05b1eI spent the last few days over in Switzerland, in Sion to be exact. Kíla were playing as part of the Guinness Irish Festival in a lineup that included Carlos Núnez, The Chieftains and 4 Men and a Dog.

It was the most beautiful idyllic setting for a festival imaginable, with a backstage area that was second to none, including access to a lake that the band spent the afternoon jumping in and out of.

I say this all the time but it makes such a difference when musicians are well looked after and at this festival, they really really were.

I don’t always travel with Kíla, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. It really depends on their schedule and on what other work needs to be done.

But I was really glad I traveled this time..Kíla are playing the best music of their lives at the moment and to hear that music played while standing (and filming) back stage was something very special..I felt very proud to be working for this magical group of musicians.

People talk of trad super groups lately where amazing musicians come together and create music as a group..but in Kíla, there is already a super group, a group that creates outstanding music influenced by the Irish traditional & world music world as much as it is influenced by the funk ,rock and pop music world.

So what do I tell people when I am talking about super group Kíla on these overseas trips?

I tell them they are the best super group in the universe.