Have we become too politically correct?

And do we even know what that means anymore?

Social media will be the death of me…a phrase I utter every day now.

I would describe myself as a feminist, an egalitarian, a believer in respect for everybody, a compassionate  and caring person…while being no Mother Theresa. But I am increasingly perplexed by how to keep up with every latest politically correct word, statement and rule.

Facebook told me today a poetry book can’t be sold because it breaches it’s policy…but does it tell me what policy??…or indeed what the breach is?? Nope ( I have no idea) – Facebook is happy enough to plague me with ads for things I don’t want or need (which at times I find offensive) and plague me with fake news…but a poetry book breaches policy??

The poetry book is gorgeous. I love it – it’s written by Rónán Ó Snodaigh and it is about nature and all that is beautiful and terrible in nature and yet for some reason this book is breaching a policy that Facebook are unable to define? The policy of beauty and truth maybe?? (Maybe in their world that doesn’t sell)

Daft.ie tells me I can’t use the word couple or single in my rental ad….I am in the process of renting a room and I have been inundated with emails from couples…there is not enough room in the apartment to rent to a couple…Why can’t I say no couples??? Like seriously…but I can’t. 

I put an application form in for Kíla recently and was asked does anybody in the group identify as a woman?? Em yes the women!!

This post may sound like a bit of a rant and to be honest it is a bit. As someone who strives to be compassionate, caring, kind and respectful, I quite honestly am perplexed by the political correctness that is being imposed on us all. Surely a better barometer of what is politically correct is: compassion, care, kindness and respect.


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