Day 11 – Make-Up and Samosas

Self – isolation. Two words: self, and, isolation. Self-isolation.

Thus far under my self-imposed (see what I did there) rules of self-isolation,  I didn’t need to wear makeup. I didn’t need to physically attend meetings, and if I was in sweats all day, well that was just A-Ok with my self-imposed rules because I was in self-isolation…

That all changed today, Self-imposed rules are now being rapidly amended…

Firstly I wandered out on a short local walk today, keeping quite a distance from everybody (as I’m in self-isolation) and bumped into my neighbours. When I say bumped into, I mean I saw them across the square and waved, and then they came over to chat to me (don’t worry the 2 metres was respected)…but even though I looked like a spy trying and failing badly to be inconspicuous (think cap and scarf over face), it was still close enough for me to know that they knew that I wasn’t wearing makeup…

I came home thinking, crap, I can’t have the neighbours thinking I am letting myself go in self-isolation.  So I made a self-appointed decision to self-amend my self-imposed rules on socially distanced outings while self-isolated (still following?)  to include the recommendation to wear make up if exiting the house.

But you know step one, I’d amended the rules, all was ok.. so I was ready to face into all those projects put on the long-finger for the afternoon before my test on the Navy Ship tomorrow (otherwise known as a  cup of tea with my neighbours – see yesterday’s post).

But THEN, just as I had settled in, another bleeding spanner in the works. The ZOOM band meeting that had been talked about for the past several days, was going to happen at 3pm. 3pm??? It was already 1.30pm. Now I had no way out of the make-up dilemma, and in fact the clothes I was wearing were just not up to video conferencing…Crap my self-imposed rules around self-isolating just were not holding up. I scrambled for a mirror, put something resembling respectable clothes on, applied the makeup, sent an agenda, and did the call.

The call was great. So many great ideas flying around. The self-imposed rules have been amended now : If not sick anymore, get up , get dressed for work, and put on the makeup. And on that note, now its time for oven baked Samosas…A great way to use up my utterly delicious homemade vegetarian curry. Another rule to add…Self-isolation cooking is food for the soul x


Day 10 – Cup of tea anyone??

Day 10  of self-isolation and I woke up feeling healthy and happy. Symptoms gone but still waiting on my test…this morning I was determined to tackle every single project I had put on the long finger over the last few months.

I also wanted to check out the LE Samuel Beckett, docked at the end of my street for several days now, and confirmed as the new city centre Covid -19 testing centre. It feels weird that to be tested for Covid19, for me anyway,  it will be at the end of my street, at a testing centre managed by the navy.

Weirder still is that one of my very first school friends that I ever had (yes from when I was 4), lets call him Kevin, is a navy officer, and when I’ve met him at Christmas over the last few years, he has always said to me that if they are docked at the bottom of my street (which they sometimes are), that I should call up for a cup of tea.

I never did that..I always kind of thought…hmmm it’s kind of weird to knock on the door  of a navy ship and ask if my friend can come out to play ( my friend the navy officer, let’s call him Kevin).

So my day went on from there. I decided to brave a very safe social distanced walk, first time out of my house in 9 days and wandered down to the ship.  It was surreal to say the least. I felt emotional and impressed all at the same time and grateful too. I’m someone who loves to laugh but every so often lately, the emotional impact of what’s going on creeps in a little.

But it was great to get out. When I got home, I got a text to say my Covid-19 test is on Wednesday (exactly one week after I was referred for it), beside the Irish Navy ship at the end of my road. Looks like I will be calling in for that cup of tea after all, just in very different circumstances.

Then I rang my Mum, to see how Dad and she were doing. They are grand thank God. They were relieved that I’m getting my test and had some questions they wanted me to ask when I get it e.g. if you get the virus, can you get it again?

And then I took a deep breath and remembered those projects I had put on the long finger, the fact that it is business as usual for me work wise just now, and just like that I got on with things.  Getting on with things just now wil be tinged with sadness , laughter, joy and lots more but I gotta keep getting on with it.

I posted a video of this tune to the Kíla pages earlier. It’s very soothing.

Day 9 of Self-Isolation and I’m feeling pretty happy…

Day 9 of home alone and I am in great form. I am not talking to the walls yet, actually I have cleaned my house,  thrown open the balcony doors and enjoyed feeling healthy and well. I’ve chatted to several friends, laughed hard at all the jokes that are coming my way and wished my Mum a Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m still waiting for my Covid-19 test but I no longer feel like I have symptoms and while I know I have quite a few more days of self-isolation left, I have to say positivity is what I feel today. I feel positive about the good humoured approach we are all taking with this and the camaraderie amongst us all. So many people have called me up this week and offered to do my shopping. As it happens I am well stocked, but that does not make me any less grateful for the offers and I expect I will have to call on one of those offers within the next few days.

The musicians I work with are also in good spirits and ideas are flying across WhatsApp groups of things we can do. I recently started doing some project work with A Lust for Life and they could not have been more understanding when I was out of action over the last few days.

There is a lot of doom and gloom and negativity. But there is also so much positivity. This crisis is bringing out the best in us all, and for me personally, as somebody who works with creatives, it is inspiring.

I’m feeling lucky and I’m feeling grateful. Just now I have everything I need, and actually more than that, a lot more. This pandemic which should bring disconnection as a result of self-isolation, has made me feel even more connected. If it is, as they say, the calm before the storm, then the storm will be coming up against a real rock hard foundation of people supporting each other.

I’m glad I am feeling better now and can hit the work ahead of me with gusto. I can do all that at home with my laptop and Wifi connection and once I am given the all clear, I too can offer help to all the people who have offered it to me over the last few days x






Laughter, Music & Corona

This time last week, and I find it hard to believe it is only a week ago, I was booking flights for Kíla to get them home from Paris where they were recording,  and where they would start a small St Patricks Day Festival Tour. I had put the tour together and was thrilled that they could pack in so much in several countries, over a very small period of time. By 9pm that night every single concert that hadn’t been cancelled , was cancelled, and they came home.

Fast forward to Thursday this week, today, and I am waiting for the call to be tested for Covid-19 having developed flu like symptoms on Monday lunchtime. My GP referred me but there is still a long waiting list. I’m not anxious , just practical. I have been self-isolating for 9 days now and since Monday have not left my home even to go to the shops. I have lovely friends nearby who were available to drop me in paracetamol yesterday when I ran out. If I have Covid-19, my only concern is that I infect nobody and I am confident I have taken every precaution not to.

All of my work is continuing regardless, and the musicians I work with have decided to share music on social media as regularly as possible, and we will commit do this for as long as we need. We know that we will suffer financially but we are working together, to brainstorm, and to keep that suffering to as low as it can be. It is without doubt a scary time but I am heartened by all the jokes flying around whats app and all the amazing musicians trying to brighten up peoples lives by posting movies, online performances and songs.

I can’t say I am looking forward to what the next few weeks or months will bring but for me I can only look at one day at a time. I work with people I admire and care about and will strive to do the best for both them and myself.

I have time now personally to be creative, to read more, and to switch off from social media more. Once I exit the self-isolation phase, I hope to get out in nature more, breathe more and now I can take more time off. I don’t have to push myself so hard. I can chill a little. I can be there for any friends or family who may be suffering during this time and I can look for the light, the lightness and the hope in all of this. I love to laugh and I love to listen to music. Both laughter and music can offer some healing at this time.

In the meantime follow Kíla @kilarecords and Aindrias de Staic @aindestaic to see the creative treats they have in store for you as we all lock down and stay safe.

Tabhair aire x