Day 9 of Self-Isolation and I’m feeling pretty happy…

Day 9 of home alone and I am in great form. I am not talking to the walls yet, actually I have cleaned my house,  thrown open the balcony doors and enjoyed feeling healthy and well. I’ve chatted to several friends, laughed hard at all the jokes that are coming my way and wished my Mum a Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m still waiting for my Covid-19 test but I no longer feel like I have symptoms and while I know I have quite a few more days of self-isolation left, I have to say positivity is what I feel today. I feel positive about the good humoured approach we are all taking with this and the camaraderie amongst us all. So many people have called me up this week and offered to do my shopping. As it happens I am well stocked, but that does not make me any less grateful for the offers and I expect I will have to call on one of those offers within the next few days.

The musicians I work with are also in good spirits and ideas are flying across WhatsApp groups of things we can do. I recently started doing some project work with A Lust for Life and they could not have been more understanding when I was out of action over the last few days.

There is a lot of doom and gloom and negativity. But there is also so much positivity. This crisis is bringing out the best in us all, and for me personally, as somebody who works with creatives, it is inspiring.

I’m feeling lucky and I’m feeling grateful. Just now I have everything I need, and actually more than that, a lot more. This pandemic which should bring disconnection as a result of self-isolation, has made me feel even more connected. If it is, as they say, the calm before the storm, then the storm will be coming up against a real rock hard foundation of people supporting each other.

I’m glad I am feeling better now and can hit the work ahead of me with gusto. I can do all that at home with my laptop and Wifi connection and once I am given the all clear, I too can offer help to all the people who have offered it to me over the last few days x






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