Day 11 – Make-Up and Samosas

Self – isolation. Two words: self, and, isolation. Self-isolation.

Thus far under my self-imposed (see what I did there) rules of self-isolation,  I didn’t need to wear makeup. I didn’t need to physically attend meetings, and if I was in sweats all day, well that was just A-Ok with my self-imposed rules because I was in self-isolation…

That all changed today, Self-imposed rules are now being rapidly amended…

Firstly I wandered out on a short local walk today, keeping quite a distance from everybody (as I’m in self-isolation) and bumped into my neighbours. When I say bumped into, I mean I saw them across the square and waved, and then they came over to chat to me (don’t worry the 2 metres was respected)…but even though I looked like a spy trying and failing badly to be inconspicuous (think cap and scarf over face), it was still close enough for me to know that they knew that I wasn’t wearing makeup…

I came home thinking, crap, I can’t have the neighbours thinking I am letting myself go in self-isolation.  So I made a self-appointed decision to self-amend my self-imposed rules on socially distanced outings while self-isolated (still following?)  to include the recommendation to wear make up if exiting the house.

But you know step one, I’d amended the rules, all was ok.. so I was ready to face into all those projects put on the long-finger for the afternoon before my test on the Navy Ship tomorrow (otherwise known as a  cup of tea with my neighbours – see yesterday’s post).

But THEN, just as I had settled in, another bleeding spanner in the works. The ZOOM band meeting that had been talked about for the past several days, was going to happen at 3pm. 3pm??? It was already 1.30pm. Now I had no way out of the make-up dilemma, and in fact the clothes I was wearing were just not up to video conferencing…Crap my self-imposed rules around self-isolating just were not holding up. I scrambled for a mirror, put something resembling respectable clothes on, applied the makeup, sent an agenda, and did the call.

The call was great. So many great ideas flying around. The self-imposed rules have been amended now : If not sick anymore, get up , get dressed for work, and put on the makeup. And on that note, now its time for oven baked Samosas…A great way to use up my utterly delicious homemade vegetarian curry. Another rule to add…Self-isolation cooking is food for the soul x


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