Day ???

Since my last post, I’ve been tested. For Covid-19. It was negative. I was tested a week after I was referred ( and at that point I had no symptoms) and I received the results 2 weeks after the test. So was I negative? Or could I have been positive? Who the hell knows? Do I have questions about the Covid-19 testing system? Hell yeah. Is this blog post about that? Hell No. I’m well, I have a lovely home, I go for walks and cycles and I am bloody lucky in my book just now. I have some freedom.

I still have my Irish Navy neighbours though ( see last blog posts). The L.E. Samuel Beckett left us so now its just me, my neighbours, and the L.E. Niamh. Niamh is slightly less intimidating than Sammy B. I feel I have less to prove if I sit beside her in the sunshine. Sitting beside Sammy B made me want to reach for my notebook, and pen, and then realise how I would never be as good a writer as him. But, you know, I take my lessons where I can get them.

I’ve found it hard to write this blog. I wanted to do a daily update but I just could not do it. In truth I have found it hard to concentrate  on any form of relaxation. On the other hand I have not found it hard to focus on my work. That bit has been easy to a certain extent. And Zoom calls with Kíla are a whole new world for me, entertaining, inspiring and challenging.

I’ve also learnt not to sweat the small stuff. Sounds clichéd but I don’t mean it to be. Things that bothered me before the ‘Virus’ no longer bother me..not only do they not bother me, if these things are not worth caring about, I simply let them go and I focus on me, my job, and my life.

Another thing I have had no difficulty in doing, is laughing. I laugh a lot. Sometimes at myself,  and of course sometimes by myself. I find myself very amusing. Laughter is a gift, and a gorgeous gift at that.

And I really adore the amazing quality of talent that is appearing on social media these days, and not just from Kíla or Aindrias, across the board.  I also do some work for A Lust For Life, and their content is just phenomenal just now, particularly in caring for people’s mental health at the moment.

Im gonna finish this post with a little clip from my trip to New Orleans in January with Kíla for Folk Alliance. Aindrias popped down too and although it was a very full on conference, on the Friday night there, once we finished work, we just laughed and we danced and we listened to, and watched great music (oh and the video isn’t too dark…the Manager knows best :) ).





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