There was no rhubarb in Dunnes today…

Well there was one bunch…a pathetic limp little bunch that I couldn’t bring myself to purchase. I love rhubarb. I feel like I was reared on rhubarb. I just love the stuff. I have it for my breakfast every morning with oats..maybe its an O Riagáin thing. It’s possible. My older brother’s best man (and former housemate) commented on Fergal’s love of the stuff in his best man speech. Is it really that weird to love it so much? I talk to my Mum every day just now, as my folks are cocooning, (hate that word but that’s for another blog post) and every conversation mentions rhubarb…who has it and where can I find it?? (within 2km).

So anyway there was no rhubarb in Dunnes today apart from the one little limp bunch that I didn’t buy…

But it was great to get into town, I cycle in once a week now to do a weekly shop. I appreciate that I am so lucky that I live so near town, but initially, I found it quite depressing to wander into, what is essentially, a ghost town. But today, despite the lack of rhubarb, I found it way less depressing, in fact I found it strangely uplifting.

Several TDs were wandering through the streets, heading to Fallon & Byrne to buy their takeout lunch, and while everybody was obeying social distancing, it was comforting seeing that some businesses could continue to move, and that they were being supported by customers to be able to do that.

As I cycled home through Grafton Street, I could see that some shop doorways were being boarded up. That made me sad momentarily as I am not sure if that measure is to stop homeless people sleeping in doorways, or to prevent break-ins.  But neither that momentary sadness, nor the lack of rhubarb could dampen my joy of being out, being in town and seeing smiles on faces of all the staff in Dunnes, and people, just like me, doing their weekly shop.

A lovely Irish musician said to me recently that he gets dressed up to go to Tesco…those lucky Tesco customers (was what I was thinking, like who knows he might bring a keyboard next time?).

Me, I wasn’t too dressed up today, but my weekly shop to Dunnes is till my social  highlight just now.

And then I came home and I started to work again…if you haven’t been checking out all the lovely videos we have been posting to the Kíla socials, it’s really time to do so x

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Pat Tierney was a poet who died in 1996. Some of you may remember him from Grafton Street where he recited poetry, both his own poems and poems of others. He also wrote a self-published autobiography called 'The Moon on My Back'. The title was inspired by a dream he had had, as a child, that the moon was chasing him. He was energetic, joyful, and charismatic but he was HIV positive. The 4th of January 1996 was the first full moon of that year and that was the day that Pat died. Colm O Snodaigh penned a song about this, as Gaeilge, called 'An Ghealach ar mo Thóir'. Anyone who has been to the The Kíla Sessions at @whelanslive , may have heard him sing this. It is an unreleased song, as yet, but we recorded it while in Paris in March at the @centreculturelirlandais . At the moment we are calling these jam sessions, The Paris Demos. Dave Hingerty filmed this, during the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown (social distancing rules were respected) and we think it is absolutely beautiful. Inspired by Pat Tierney, the song and video brings two virus pandemics together, that each in their own way, brought the world to a halt. Codladh Sámh Pat agus Go raibh maith agat. Filmed & Edited by @davehingerty Recorded & Mixed by Brian Hogan ( @preachersson ) #poetry #writing #scribbling #poem #pattierney #poet #music #irishmusic #newmusic #band #musician #dublin #graftonstreet #Ireland #paris #france #art #kíla

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