Who We Are


Caoimhe Ní Riagáin
(Front woman)

Music Lover
Promoter of Music
Promoter of Social Justice

“Duracell Bunny :)”


“Over the last six months I worked hard to link music in with charity and many people asked me: Why? Are you nuts? Just be happy with covering your costs…you know charity gigs don’t sell??…

I did it because I wanted to raise awareness of poverty in Dublin at a time when everybody was talking about the end of austerity. I wanted to raise awareness of all those families living in emergency accommodation on Gardiner Street who had lost their homes through an inability to cover rising rents or mortgages and finally I wanted to prove something to myself, mainly that it was possible to make a difference through music.

What did I learn?…….I learnt that people do care about poverty, they do care about the family homelessness crisis and they do agree that music is a great way to bring people on board with that.” CeolCaint Interview, 21.08.15


GardinerMusic was born out of these gigs , an attempt to showcase up and coming talent in both Ireland & the UK while raising awareness of poverty and raising funds*.

Social Media Links


Instagram: @GardinerMusic

FaceBook: musicgardiner



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