The Irresistible Nature of Music

When I started Gardiner Music, somebody else updated my website. I was resistant to taking on the role of updating my website myself despite my enthusiasm around social media. It is strange the obstacles we put in front of ourselves to avoid doing something we need to do. Resistance.

But I persisted with  the resistance and also started to try to update the blog part of the website more frequently. I like to write, I am someone who journals, writing frees me a little, it helps me make sense of where I am at.

So this is my latest blog post and as the title says…Music is irresistible.

Last night was week 3 of the Kíla Sessions in Whelans, a little event I created for members of Kíla to drop in and out of on a Tuesday evening. I have a good relationship with Whelans, I admire and respect the people working there and I asked O’Haras Beers along as a sponsor. I am enormously grateful for the support of both companies and mindful that it is something I shouldn’t take for granted. It’s a good mix.

So week 3 was the best yet…I worried about a couple of things in week 1 and 2 – things I couldn’t name nor articulate because the sessions themselves were fantastic. But Rónán Ó Snodaigh helped me put words on that and last night I got to say to Ró, ‘Maith thú, well done, that’s it, tonight is what I imagined these sessions to be when I pushed The Kíla Sessions as an event’.

Thanks to Peter Ruotolo and Nick Seymour for coming along and helping with that .

I push ideas all the time to the artists I work with because to me music is utterly irresistible and I am always trying to widen the audience that understands that . Kila’s music more so than most. Although I work with them, every morning these days as I leave my house and stick my earphones in, the first song is ALWAYS a Kila tune. ALWAYS.

So in summary anything you resist (like the website for me) that could help you grow, do yourselves a favour and  find a way to make it irresistible…because anything pure that you don’t resist and that is good for you, like decent music, is to be embraced, enjoyed and learnt from.

The Kíla Sessions in association with O’Haras Beers take place in the Front Bar of Whelan’s every Tuesday from 7.30 -9.30



Ryan Adams & Abuse in Music

I suppose many people have been following the Ryan Adams stories in the news lately. Sexism, Misogyny, Manipulation, Abuse – does it exist in the Music Industry?

There is no reason to think that music would be any different to any other industry in this regard. We live in a patriarchal society – and therefore the culture that both men and women grow up in is sexist…

Women strive to get ahead in this environment but invariably are often abused, manipulated and face sexism on a daily basis.

Personally I am very lucky to be working with a band who embrace the feminine in everything they do. 7 men and 1 woman make up Kila and while the music may seem tribal and primal at times, when you listen you hear the female voice as much as you hear the male voice. All credit to Dee Armstrong and to Brian, Rónán, Colm , Rossa, James, Dave and Seanan for creating a musical environment in which that can happen.

I have always been a massive Ryan Adams fan. When I read some of the articles recently about how he treated his wife in particular, I am not sure I will ever listen to a Ryan Adams song again.

Misogyny exists in music , abuse exists in music, sexism exists in music and manipulation exists in music. But does that mean all male musicians are a part of this? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

But there is a minority out there that are enabled by their friends who do not speak up about the abuse they witness. They rationalise it and put it down to artistic temperament, or another statement I regularly hear – ‘he’s hurting and is so misunderstood..he means no harm…’

I am certain Mandy Moore when she married Ryan Adams thought she was marrying a misunderstood rock star. Yet he tried to break any musical creativity she may have had. These personalities exist in the music industry, and as an industry that has relatively less formal rules than more streamlined industries, we all need to speak up if we see this kind of abuse. It is a silent less visible form of abuse, but if it wasn’t enabled it is unlikely it would be able to exist.

Today is World Social Justice Day and the words of Martin Luther King resonated with me today:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King

Kíla, Raidió na Life and why I love my job!

As most of you know, I have a show on Raidió na Life on a Monday night at 6 ..sometimes weekly sometimes fortnightly…as and when I can make it but it’s a regular thing…

The show is as Gaeilge, but the bands and musicians who come in don’t need to speak Irish…they just need to play and get into the craic of the Irish language and try a cúpla focail…

Raidió na Life were based on Merrion Square until last year…when they moved to Amiens Street…The Amiens street studios include Stiúidió na Life where bands can record, but it’s also now where Gardiner Music records the sessions for the radio show..its cool…

There were two bands who launched the sessions in this studio for my radio show properly…King Bones and Kíla…

Because I manage Kíla, I have recently been asked to write a few words from the band on the new studio. Something I will do with the input of the band…but what I can say is – is áit speisialta é Raidió na Life – it’s a special place!

But this article isn’t just about that, this article is about Ally, my sister in law. A woman who battled cancer for 4 and a half years, and a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, daughter in law and sister in law..

Kíla, the best band in the universe, came in and recorded a session for my show on Raidió na Life on the 29th November 2018. It was a gorgeous session. It was a celebration of 30 years of Kíla . It was in the brand new Stiúidió na Life… I loved the show, I loved the music and I loved the banter…

As they started their last song and my bit was done, I saw my Mum was trying to ring me. Ally had died a few minutes previously.  My parents were about to leave to get on their way to the hospice where Ally and my brother were. Ally was a cool woman. She died during the last song of Kíla’s session. I waited awhile as the session wrapped up and then told the band she had died. They all hugged me.

When I say I love my job, this is why.

Reaping the Seeds that We Sow…

Years ago I met Lou Reed, at an event in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock, where I live. He wasn’t very friendly, and although the crowd at the event after the concert welcomed him, he actually didn’t want to know…not really..and he died not too long afterwards.

It got me thinking about his song ‘Perfect Day’ – Brian Hogan from Kíla sings a mean version. But it got me to thinking in the music business do we really reap what we sow?

Gardiner Music now works with Kíla, an 8 piece band celebrating their thirtieth year on December 22nd 2018 at The National Stadium. When I started working with them I really felt I did reap what I sowed…a band full of musicians with personalities I admire and who play music I love…

But this phrase ‘Reap what you Sow’ – it can work both ways.  If you are not confident enough or strong enough in how you want to do business in music..then the music business can go against you.

With Gardiner Music, I played the long quiet game and learnt that that expression – ‘Reap what you sow’…is so true. You set the tone for your work in music from the outset and the right people will come and work with you.

I reaped and I sowed, naively initially, so I reaped and I sowed again and I could not be happier in the job that I do.

Go see Kíla – December 22nd, The National Stadium… that’s my job and I love it, Caoimhe xfeile kila facebook (3)

Gardiner Music Update – Whats Happening !

So its been made clear lately to me that I need to start writing again… soooo I will start with this little update of where Gardiner Music is at…

Gardiner Music was set up as an initiative to promote music , musicians and charities…all at the same time. An idealistic concept…

To pay musicians and to raise money for charity at relatively small gigs is near to impossible.. at all of my gigs musicians got paid and charities got paid but to really raise money for charity and pay musicians a substantial fee, I needed to be running bigger gigs.

So what did I do? I focussed on my promotion activities and continued to do charity work in my spare time (something I need to do to keep me sane and balanced).

In that work I hooked up with Raidió na Life,  and the O Snodaigh brothers…Colm, Rossa and Rónán…individual relationships that lead me to work with Kila..their band.

I actually worked with each of the brothers separately…and differently and each of them wanted to work with me for different and the same reasons.

That first reason is I speak Irish..I grew up in the same world as the Ó Snodaighs, I attended the same Irish speaking schools as they did and I understood what it meant to be in a ‘minority Irish speaking community ’ from South County Dublin..

The second and more important reason is I get Kila’s music..why do  I get it?? Because I grew up with Sean O Riada. Planxty, Cor Chúil Aodha.. you grow up with music like that and it becomes a part of you…whenever I travel with Rónán he invariably hums a hymn from Aifreann Ui Riada…I respond instantly to the tune….As a Dublin Irish speaking music lover I get that..its not religious music its soul music.

So this is where Gardiner Music is at just now…I wanted to post this as a slow return to both writing and running my own gigs again which will happen in time… for now Kila and my radio show (Gach Luan ag a 6 ar Raidió na Life 106.4 FM) are my big loves and my big focus!!

Caoimhe x