The Repeat Offenders


Guitar & Vocals – Andrew Ruddick.


Bass – Graham Holmes.


Guitar – Josh Saw.


Drums – Richard Wainwright.



What: A 4 piece indie rock ‘n roll band with some fine guitars and an attitude to match.

Where: Aylesbury, UK.

When: We’re rocking them up to Whelan’s, Dublin July 30th.

Why:  Tom Meighan wouldn’t mind if these boys rocked up to one of his gigs, suited up and swaggered onstage to get the crowd going for Kasabian. We’ll say no more :)



From Aylesbury, The Repeat Offenders have been described as ‘the Stone Roses meets The Rolling Stones, with an Oasis attitude and a Richard Ashcroft vibe to even things out!’ Psychedelic, edgy and with vocals that swagger alongside classic indie rock ‘n roll guitar riffs, The Repeat Offenders are suiting up for a stormer of a show at Whelan’s July 30th.

Backed by Hofner Guitars, the band recorded their new EP, ‘Just Be Yourself’ once again with the kind permission of Mr Paul Weller at his BlackBarn Studios with Charles Rees at the controls.

Having sold out shows at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham last year and Piebury Corner in London, supported The Rifles and headlining shows in the UK it’s time someone brought that beautiful noise to Dublin so that’s what we’ve decided to do. Let’s face it, this is proper music.





Just some of the REVIEWS so far… 


Andy Bell (RIDE, OASIS, BEADY EYE) – “The Repeat Offenders are a raw young band with something about them – Definitely ones to watch out for!”
Luke Crowther (THE RIFLES) – “Banging new single from The Repeat Offenders! This is the kind of music that inspires you to pick up a guitar and smash it round Pete Townsend’s amp!”
Ross Cummins (SYMPOSIUM)  –  “The Repeat Offenders krank the kinda tunes you wanna hear on a Friday night after a few beers when the world is yours and the night is young! Distinctly British with mod attitude, tight, spiky guitars and big choruses that need to fill every indie disco.”