The Tapestry

Whelan’s June 18th 2016

(Photos taken by: AetherLight Photography)










Guitar & Vocals – Liam Faherty.


Bass Guitar & Vocals – Katy Baker.


Guitarist – Dyna.


Drums – Zara Finnegan.



What: a self styled “dirty garage pop” 4 piece band.

Where: Manchester, UK.

When: We’re hauling their asses to Whelan’s, Dublin June 18th.

Why: Because they are one of the best unsigned bands on the Manchester scene at the moment. They invoke corruption at the gigs they perform at. We like that :) and we like that Liam Gallagher thinks that they’ve got “fcuking tunes”. Right up our street. That’s the why :)




The Tapestry from Manchester, however, are about deadly post punk upbeat infectious tunes the sounds of which will be hanging from the rafters at Whelan’s June 18th.

These guys have crafted a noise that is full of exhilaration and stadium readiness and it’s no wonder that they have industry moguls the likes of Terry Christian giving a nod in their direction as ones to be tuned in to.

Having opened up for Pete Doherty at the King George’s Hall in Blackburn and The Enemy at The Ritz in Manchester, The Tapestry have built up a posse of hardcore fans some of whom will shed clothes for them in public :) This band is all about the tunage and having a great time and they come with a recommendation tag from the UK that says, “a must see live act”. Managed by Paul Sng, (Sleaford Mods – “Invisible Britain” film maker and forthcoming documentary “Disposession”) The Tapestry have been doing it right, crafting, creating and building and it’s not long before the universe catches on to this band. See them while you can still afford to at Whelan’s June 18th.




Just some of the REVIEWS so far… 

The Enemy – “The Tapestry who blew our collective minds. How this band is still unsigned is beyond us all!”
“Watching The Tapestry and they’re just brilliant. Can’t wait to see them tear it up in Manchester later on the tour!”
Clint Boon – “Watched Cabbage and The Tapestry last night at The Deaf Institute. Two of the best Manchester bands ever.”  –  “Post-Clash guitar chops and anthems to kill for.”
John Robb, Louder Than War  –  “If there was ever a band to fall instantly in love with, it is Manchester band The Tapestry.”
Liam Gallagher –  “F$%king tunes.”
Terry Christian –  “…overlooked for inferior shit”